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Keeping the Goal

by Chuck
A strength coach I follow, Dan John, has a great saying regarding goal setting. “Keeping the goal, the goal, is the hardest goal.” As a trainer, teacher, athlete, student, parent, husband, (that list is backwards!), etc. I found this to be spot on. Maybe you can relate.  You get the idea for a project and set the goal of finishing it by a certain time. You get the supplies, set up the “workstation,” begin your craft. Then maybe, you get distracted, watch a YouTube video, or a PBS station…

Sewing Ergonomics 1 – Setting up your sewing station

by Chuck
A short video on trying to set up “optimal” ergonomics for sewing stations for sewists and quilters.

Opening up the middle back – part 2

by Chuck
Here are a couple of movement drills I use to open up the middle back. You can do them either from a chair (at the office, while crafting, painting, sewing, etc), kneeling (not shown), or from a flatfoot squat.

Digit Play

by Chuck
A little finger drill I do before I do anything creative (paint, draw, etc.). This is one of a bunch of these kinds of drills I use, depending on what I’m going to work on. Let us know if you like the video and I’ll upload more of these in the near future.

Farmer Walks

Farmer Walk Tutorial based on yoga Mountain Pose:

Renewing Yoga Roots

by Chuck
For years I taught yoga group classes. Specifically Power Yoga, which after thirty-five years of practice is my favorite form of yoga that I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a bunch of them. Power yoga is distinguished by an equal emphasis on strength development, psychophysiological (mind-body) flow, as well as relaxing-into-stretch like many other forms of yoga. After a few months of teaching groups, I’d have several of the students approach me and tell me how much they liked the class, and how…

Like a string of pearls

There’s a saying in yoga and Chinese martial arts, “you’re only as old as your spine.” What that means is, as you get older, if you can’t move your spine in any direction, you are “locked’ into a much narrower range of movement. And, that range of motion defines what you can and cannot do. For example if you can’t bend forward at the waist, at all, or not without significant pain, you can’t pick things up off the ground, tie your shoes, or hand your grandchild a cookie. If you…

How To Become The Perfect Couch Potato

Imagine for a moment that you sit on the couch watching television all day, eating bon-bons, and your weight goes up to five hundred pounds. Most people think to themselves: “I could/would never do that!” But in truth they do things that are almost as pronounced. There is a very real principle in training (and life) called the SAID principle. SAID stands for: specific adaptation to imposed demand. What it means is no matter what you do (or don’t do) will create adaptations in the body. If…

Pain in your hips, or lower back? Try the Plank Pose

There are something like 2100 poses or variations of poses in yoga. And that doesn’t count the transitions between poses that can link them together into a more flowing vinyasa. This can be overwhelming to people new to practicing yoga! So let’s start with an easy, yet powerful pose. Plank pose is one of the foundational poses in yoga. It is the basis for many other poses in yoga, such as Crocodile Pose, arm balances like Peacock Pose, and even simple standing poses like Mountain Pose. You…

The Only Reasons to Exercise

It’s been said before: “You can’t outrun your diet.” Exercise is NOT the way to lose fat. 80-90% of fat loss is in the kitchen. Exercise is about feeling good, and having, or increasing your physical capacities. There are only three reasons to exercise (unless training for a sport then there are five reasons): 1. Building/maintaining lean muscle (including your heart). 2. To help (along with your diet and sleep) hormonal optimization/gene expression – in whatever endeavor direction you’re…